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    New page: M1870 Shane♥ :D Wassup 12:48 ShanelySparkles hi! 12:49 M1870 How are you doing :) 12:49 ShanelySparkles i'm something 12:51 M1870 Btw I...
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    Summary: Hide 'Pages with broken file links' category, see []
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    New blog: Possible SuicideEdit AngryGodzillaPieJuly 14, 2012< User blog:AngryGodzillaPie I'm thinking of killing myself,As I'm just a no-good RPer.I'm of no...
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    New blog: M1870You want to be an Admin again? 11:56Awesomeness115Yeah. He just thinks me leaving as an excuse. Thats another reason why i left 11:56M1870Can't...
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