M1870 Shane♥ :D Wassup 12:48 ShanelySparkles hi! 12:49 M1870 How are you doing :) 12:49 ShanelySparkles i'm something 12:51 M1870 Btw I wanted to speak with you. 12:51 ShanelySparkles k go 12:51 M1870 I found out you've been busy with other guys. 12:51 ShanelySparkles i know 12:51 M1870 I found out about a month ago. 12:52 ShanelySparkles i know 12:52 M1870 You wont believe how many people told me, anywho. If you want to go with other men then go right ahead :D 12:52 ShanelySparkles M stuuf right now in my life is complicated you can leave me that's fine you deserve better i'm just a little slut also i'm engaged IRL 12:54 M1870 That's good for you, 12:54 ShanelySparkles surprised? 12:54 M1870 I wont lie to you, I'll be honest. You see, people change after a while, I changed and so have you. However you may view it. But, one thing hasn't changed. 12:55 ShanelySparkles what? 12:55 M1870 Both you and I know. 12:55 ShanelySparkles i don't blame you for being mad 12:55 M1870 You've already admitted it. 12:55 ShanelySparkles i know 12:56 M1870 Don't worry, I'm not mad. 12:56 ShanelySparkles disappointed? 12:56 M1870 No, not really. Not at all actually. 12:56 ShanelySparkles can i just say i still really value you? 12:57 M1870 Do you? Because if you do then that would be surprise to me. 12:57 ShanelySparkles i do. you've thought me alot. you actually took the time to listen to my problems but i being stupid din 12:58 M1870 You've been acting so hostile with me lately, that only increased the obvious. 12:58 ShanelySparkles t *did not honor that i haven't talk to you in a while 12:58 M1870 But when you have, those actions did take place. As I said, I will not lie to you. 12:59 ShanelySparkles so where do we stand? 12:59 M1870 Where do you think we stand? 1:00 ShanelySparkles i think, we're broken up. but i think there is a small ray of hope we can still be friends hopefully 1:01 M1870 Well, the broken up part is right. But not because of the obvious. I will state why. 1:01 ShanelySparkles k 1:02 M1870 I must say, I lost my interest in you. I lost it a long time ago. Long before I found out this what you've been doing. 1:02 ShanelySparkles o.k that's fine 1:02 M1870 That's why there is not rage or hatred in me. 1:03 ShanelySparkles so you don't care? it's o.k i really can t*can't point any fingers 1:03 M1870 About the love? I care about love but you have twisted it far much. 1:03 ShanelySparkles no about me 1:04 M1870 Shane, your wonderful person. I wont forget that. 1:04 ShanelySparkles no i'm not 1:04 M1870 Remember what I said? 1:04 ShanelySparkles no 1:04 M1870 This is a website. 1:04 ShanelySparkles oh yeah fuu......... 1:05 M1870 This "love" can only go so far. 1:05 ShanelySparkles i know 1:06 M1870 It's been good with you, to be honest I wanted to break up with you about 2 months ago but I didn't want you to react badly to it. The last time, you threatened to disable your account. That's about the time I lost my interest in you. 1:06 ShanelySparkles you should have just been up front i deal with rejection a lot 1:07 M1870 But I knew you would disable your account if I did not stay with you. 1:07 ShanelySparkles you should have just told me 1:07 M1870 I knew you would eventually go with other men. Both me and Juan suspected that a looooong time ago. 1:07 ShanelySparkles i would have apprectisted the honesty appreciated 1:08 M1870 I only keep the truth from you to keep you safe. Now, your with another guy :) 1:08 ShanelySparkles yeah but to be honest he's not as smart as you are 1:09 M1870 Why thank you. But treat him good. 1:09 ShanelySparkles i know we Skype a lot 1:10 M1870 I don't want him to end up like those on Adventure Time or Regular Show or DC wiki. 1:10 ShanelySparkles i know i feel like you and i are better for this i wanna thank you even if it was a painful process it made me better for it and i think it helped you too and don't worry i'll take care of Joey 1:16 M1870 Thank you :) 1:16 ShanelySparkles i don't like it when you keep secrets it makes me feel guilty 1:17 M1870 Oh Shane. you've keep these men hidden from me. How is me keeping secrets any different from that. 1:18 ShanelySparkles exactly that's why i feel quilty 1:18 M1870 Well, I will still be honest with you. If you have any questions then I will answer them truthfully. 1:19 ShanelySparkles how? did you know? it was Brony? 1:23 M1870 Brony? 1:23 ShanelySparkles yeah 1:23 M1870 Which one/ ? 1:24 ShanelySparkles the one you pmed 1:33 M1870 I need to ask you one more thing before I go. 1:33 ShanelySparkles k anything 1:34 M1870 Is your cancer gone? 1:35 ShanelySparkles yes thank fully all i need to b=d o is drink pills every so often and M i still want to let you know i love you and always will 1:35 M1870 I will never forget you Shane, my faith in you is still strong. 1:36 ShanelySparkles religious faith? can i ask you so one favor?

  • for

1:36 M1870 Yes. 1:36 ShanelySparkles i would still really like to talk to you so please don t*don't block me 1:37 M1870 Oh I don't block people from PMs. I'm not like that. 1:37 ShanelySparkles

) i'm glad to see you're still as sweet as the day we met

1:38 M1870 That day you thought I was gay :3 I remember that. 1:38 ShanelySparkles yes i think 1:38 M1870 You had your super girl pic back then :) 1:38 ShanelySparkles idk i've gotten my lights punched out a few days ago 1:39 M1870 What?! 1:39 ShanelySparkles yeah i got my nose broke and a small cuncusion idk how to spell it really screwed up my memory 1:40 M1870 Oh my.... I hope you'll get better. 1:40 ShanelySparkles i did hurts to touch t (it but i'm k 1:42 M1870 Well, I have to go now. 1:43 ShanelySparkles k love you M 1:43 M1870 I'll give you one last kiss goodbye for old times sake. *kiss♥* 1:43 ShanelySparkles

  • kisses and hug

i love you 1:43 M1870 And also, here is something I should have showed you long ago. Snapshot_20120707_6.JPG 1:43 ShanelySparkles oh my i'm crying really i am 1:44 M1870 Goodbye Shane. Thank You For Everything. ShanelySparkles please don't 1:45 M1870 Bye.... Love shall never fade but die.

M1870 I hope you see this PM :) 1:11 Bronymon I do 1:11 M1870 Please, treat Shane good. 1:12 Bronymon I shall you have my word 1:13 M1870 Thank you :) I will shed some light on this, I actually lost my interest in her months ago. 1:13 Bronymon oh you tell her that? 1:14 M1870 Yup I'm glad your with her :) 1:14 Bronymon ok thanks buddy /) I love her very much 1:14 M1870 The last time I broke up with her she threatened to disable her account. That's the main reason I stayed with her these past months. 1:15 Bronymon oh 1:15 M1870 Now that your with her, I don't have to worry anymore :) It's been a long run with Shane. she has cheated on me maybe even hundreds times. Don't let her do the same to you ok? 1:16 Bronymon ok 1:16 M1870 Thanks man :) (\ I will never forget your kindness. 1:18 Bronymon I am always kinda to those who dissever it hey don't say anything you promise not to tell her 1:19 M1870 Yup? Oh don't worry. You secret is safe with me. I promise. 1:20 Bronymon ok she feels terrible for what she did to you 1:20 M1870 This is not the first time this has happened. She's loved many users. Juan Brony Bro and I were some her former lovers. 1:22 Bronymon oh geez 1:22 M1870 I did get Juan off her. He was an annoyance at the time. This was back in May. 1:22 Bronymon Juan is always annoying 1:22 M1870 I've been with Shane for about 6 months. Yeah I know. Juan is only editing here for rights actually :3 He thinks if he gets more badges then he'll get closer to become a mod. 1:24 Bronymon ok can you tell me everything Shane has done I want to know what I am getting into 1:25 M1870 She has threatened to disable her account. I said that. 1:25 Bronymon yeah ok so she is sensitive 1:26 M1870'm_still_thinking_about_it... Yes she is very sensitive. She has had a large number of lovers over the months. 1:27 Bronymon oh 1:27 M1870 If you break it off with her then she might disable her account. I do not want that to happen. 1:27 Bronymon I won't 1:28 M1870 I hate to put the burden on you. If something like that does happen then please tell me and I will help. Also, do not neglect her. She will look for other men if you do. 1:28 Bronymon I won't I do not date 1:29 M1870 She will also look for other men if you don't interest her a lot. 1:29 Bronymon no not just date 1:29 M1870 Like what she did with Nihi.... Anywho. 1:29 Bronymon I stay with the girls I date 1:29 M1870 Good. Thank you, I hope the best for you and Shane. She's very emotional. Remember that. 1:30 Bronymon I will 1:31 M1870 You're a good man brony, you will always have my respect. My time is finally over and yours has just begun. I am happy with that :) 1:32 Bronymon and hey if you ever get sad cuz of this for some reason or sad for any other reason I am here for you 1:32 M1870 I will admit tho, we did have good times. We had love, children and happiness. Thank you :) I will never forget Shane. I need to ask her one more thing before I go. 1:33 Bronymon shoot 1:33 M1870 I need to talk to her about her illness. 1:34 Bronymon diabetes ?? 1:34 M1870 No, she has cancer a few months ago. 1:35 Bronymon oh man D: wat 1:35 M1870 M1870 I need to ask you one more thing before I go. 1:33 ShanelySparkles k anything 1:34 M1870 Is your cancer gone? 1:35 ShanelySparkles yes thank fully all i need to b=d o is drink pills every so often and M i still want to let you know i love you and always will 1:35 M1870 I will never forget you Shane, my faith in you is still strong. 1:36 Bronymon why hasn't she told me 1:36 M1870 She had gotten it 5 months ago. I had supported her all the way through. 1:37 Bronymon this is depressing I hope she tells me soon 1:37 M1870 Don't worry, she's ok now. 1:38 Bronymon I hope.... 1:41 M1870 I remember, sometime after our relationship started. I drew her something. Snapshot_20120707_6.JPG I never showed her it. I'm finally gonna do it. 1:44 Bronymon I see you did 1:44 M1870 Goodbye man. I'm gonna go.