This is my last blog. I wrote this in hope that others will see my story. Everything I've done on the wiki has been both good and bad. But others will only see the bad over the good. Here is a story left in messages I made for others and what they said.

Regular Show Wiki (SaberSworn)

Saber please please please i am sorry for what i had did please i admited it to u please saber please. god please let me back saber i will do anything anything to get back on the wiki i will never do anything like that again. i can't even type right because i am scared. i will do anything to come back. i will make god edits and be nice to everyone. please please god.

my heart is beating i can't think strait right now i am very sad saber i will do anything u want i wish that this was over saber please please i am not making this up i am feeling like this. i admited it to you. yasmin wanted me to make edits for her. i am sorry i didn't know it was wrong. please please i don't know what else to say or do anymore i want to come back to the wiki and i promise i will make hundreds of edits on articles. i will do anything saber i want to come back please i hope u will let me out of this block i am sorry saber. M1870 04:44, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Sorry M1870, but you were sockpuppeting to evade a ban, which is a bannable offense. You've been given 4 chances and still haven't changed. I don't believe a 5th is necessary. I'm sorry. SaberSworn 16:42, June 12, 2012 (UTC)
I wasn't planning to join this conversation, but there is something you said SS that bothers me. You said
that he was given 4 chances and still haven't change. But the fact is, the last chance he had, he got
away without getting caught. Even if you did "suspect it," you went a month without acting upon it and
proved that you weren't going to enact upon it. But Marcus still went straight up to you and admitted what
he did, even though you were the last person he ever wanted to find out. Yes, he had a sockpuppet. Yes,
it's a bannable offense. Yes, he was given chances in the past. But you are wrong that he has not
changed. Anime9001 16:56, June 12, 2012 (UTC)
Considering that he keeps getting banned, I'd say it's safe to assume he won't stop breaking rules, especially since he "promised" to stop multiple times before. The ban is permanent and I already told you I'm not changing my mind. Sockpuppets aren't dealt with lightly, especially when they have a bad record like M1870 does. Anyway, this isn't exactly the place to discuss this. It has nothing to do with this wiki.SaberSworn 17:03, June 12, 2012 (UTC)
Him going to you about this shows that he wanted a clean slate. He knew he was on thin ice beforehand, and he told you anyway. He broke the rule a month ago, and that was the only thing he could do to try and redeem himself. Truthfully, at this point, I'm not trying to get him unbanned as much as trying to get you to change your opinion on him. It annoys me that he had the courage to come to you about this, and you not only ban him, but you talk so coldly about him when I, or anyone else tries to talk to you about him. I was talking to him yesterday, and he told me that he still didn't regret telling you. Yet, you speak so badly of him.
Also, I'm talking to you on the RS wiki because the person we're talking about isn't allowed to comment on the wiki this does deal with. Anime9001 17:32, June 12, 2012 (UTC)
==Dear Saber Edit==

I want to tell you the truth about everything now. I feel like I need to get this out of the way. I came to the wiki in mid August but only as a viewer. I never wanted to edit or make a account in those days because I did not think somone like me could not do what others had done for that wiki. On March 13th is when my friend Mario convinced me to make a account and so I did. Back then I would barly edit because I was afriad to back then. In early April is when I started to go to chat. I saw that many people love to make edits and then I thought "edits are easy" so I decied to make edits on articles and pages for the wiki. Those were the old days for me on Adventure Time Wiki. I want to go back to them but it is too late. I remember when I met you. You weren't a mod yet and at first I thought you were a girl due to the fact you had Flame Princess as your avatar pic. I remember playing trivia with you and FPF. You guys would always try to beat eachother in that game. I met new people and I made more edits. Soon the day came where I broke the rules for the first time. I posted porn on chat and then I threatened VQO for banning me even tho it was not her who had done it. Then I met Sparda because he was the one that banned me. I was angry at him but I kept that hidden. I then formed a plan and it had to do with Afliador8. I remember the first page I made on AT wiki was tag for the deletion thing. There was talk about the page and I first met Afliador8. After I was banned the first time I thought that I could use him. I wanted him to become a Admin on the wiki. When I told him he sounded over joyed and then I told him that after he becomes a Admin that he had to owe me a favor. But that plan ended in failure. I then gave up on it. I later told him that I only wanted him to become a Admin so he could unban me. After my ban I came back to chat. I was nice to people until I question the power of the Admins and Mods. That was around the second time I was banned. I spamed zombie book rules on chat so I see why I was banned. That was the first time you banned me. I was angry at that fact. So out of anger I made my own Adventure Time Wiki and called it Adventure Time Super Fans Wiki. I wanted my wiki to compete with AT wiki. So I made it differant in many ways. After my second ban I came back to chat to spread the knews about my wiki. After constant warnings I decied to PM people the link to the wiki. I found so many people who wanted to join my wiki. Now those people are Admins and Mods. I remember you telling me not to even mention my wiki on chat while the other Admins and Mods were ok with me talking about it. But I think I understood why you did not want me to talk about. I have a feeling that you hated my wiki. I have a feeling that you hate how it is getting users and getting edits. But I might be wrong about that. I even had a feeling that you banned that time a month ago even tho I didn't break the rule after my very last warning because you did not want me to PM people to come to my wiki. It is like if you feared the competion so much you would even ban me to get it out of the way. But I still might be wrong. After I was banned by you again I got so angry. I was even playing to get back at you. I had a plan to completly attack AT wiki. I even got users to join my plan. But 4 days before that plan would have came to action a user convinced that my plan should not be put to action. He made me realize that my plan was stupid and evil. After all that I was still upset about not going to chat. I promised you not to break the rules again. But I broke that promise which is why I admitted the truth to you about Yasmin. It was after I was convinced that my old plan should not be done is when I used Yasmin. Before all this the real her edited our wiki. She said she could not edit for a long time but wanted to keep her title as a Admin on our wiki. She gave me her password so I could use her account and I used it to go on Adventure Time chat. I am sorry for this. I made good contributions with both accounts on Adventure Time Wiki. After my 3rd ban I decied to be good and follow all the rules on chat. I only used Yasmin's account that day is because my password to M1870 did not work. I paniced, I thought I could never go back to my account. That is why I used it that day and that is when you suspected I was Yasmin. I could not handle it anymore and I thought you should know already. I talked to certain users and decied I should tell you everything. I told you before you blocked me that I am sorry for what I had done and I am sorry now. You say you freely decided to block me while I freely decided to tell you the truth. I don't think anyone on AT wiki has ever admited that they has a sockpuppet account. I know you are strict and I know you are serious. I thought the worse that could happen to me that day was getting banned for a month once again as anathor punishment because I only used her account for chat mainly. The only other thing I used it for on AT wiki was for positive contributions. Many people pity me, Many want revenge on you for doing this to me. But I told them not to feel sorry and not to do anything that you wouldn't like. People even want me to make anathor account so I could come back to AT wiki but I wont break the rules again. I have heard the Admins and Mods want my block to be limited. VQO told me that if enough people agree with me to try to get me unblocked that you would change your mind. But I know you Saber. I don't think you will ever change your mind about me. I don't hate and I don't hate AT wiki. I don't think you hate me or my wiki. But I just wish I would get unblocked. I don't think I will ever see certain users again. I am not asking you this as a user who thinks this message and saying please and I'm sorry will get me unblocked. No I am asking you as a friend, please unblock me from Adventure Time Wiki. M1870 00:07, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

M1870, I've told you at least three times already that your ban is not going to be let up. We have had these sockpuppet rules for a LONG time and I'm not going to bend them for certain users, especially when you've had four chances already. Sorry man, but please stop begging. Thank you. SaberSworn 00:12, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

So I guess it's over... I don't think we will ever met again. Bye Saber. M1870 00:20, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

Saber, I'm tired of how you are treating Marcus. I understand that you don't plan on unbaning him, and though I don't like that, I understand and respect your reasons. I also understand that you are probably getting harrased about this by others, though I don't believe that you deserve that either. But what I'm annoyed with is different than what others are complaining about. I'm tired of seeing Marcus go into long rants, bringing up tons of different points, and you sound like you copy and pasted your response from the last guy you banned. From the way I see it, it looks like you didn't even bothered reading his response. I'm not saying that you didn't, but you sound like a robot in your response, and if you don't answer this, or your answer is something along the lines of "this isn't the wiki to talk about this," or "Marcus is banned, and that's final," then I will assume that you really didn't read this post. So please, can you actually say why Marcus should stay banned with looking like you know who he is, and not like you copy and pasted your response? Anime9001 03:51, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

==To Shane==
I read his entire post, which was honestly just his "life story" on the wiki. I haven't been treating him poorly; it's just getting old when I have to explain it for the... Fifth? Sixth? time. Like I said, he's banned permanently because that's what the standard is for sockpuppets. Like I said before, why should I change the rule for just one user when the rule has been in place for such a long time (especially when he has had 4 chances already)? Please, stop begging. I don't find it very efficient to repeat things so many times. Can we close this discussion? Thanks. SaberSworn 04:14, June 14, 2012 (UTC)
thank you shane for being so nice to me all this time i was on chat. but now i don't think i will ever come back. i even cried a little after i found out my friend still wanted to help me after my ban. i left saber comments on this wiki. here are them

tell nihi he can change his picture and that i will miss him. thank u shane for being my friend. M1870 06:28, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Thank You. After I found out my friend Anime9001 was going to help me with my blocked, i cryed. I will never forget you Shane and i know God wont let me forget. M1870 07:20, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

Thank You but i might never come back to AT chat. Please if anyone asks about me tell them my story.

From Shane

Marcus you're a super nice guy and I'm a miss you lots. I'm glad that i could have of been there for you in the time that i was. You're a good person and you don't deserve to have been banned.

  • hug

<3 you Marcus

Friom Shanely

Oh Marcus!


love yah hunn.

come back to us and me A.S.A.P

that's all we are talking about right now!

Nihi said he misses you and thanks

and i will hunn. anything for you

<3 you


Thank you for thinking it was wrong for me to be banned. I admited everything to saber and was blocked. i couldn't think right after i was blocked. i left saber messages on regular show wiki pleaing to him how sorry i am. u don't have to pity me and i am not leaveing u this message so i could have u on my side. when i found out Anime9001 was gonna try to tell u what i am telling u know... i cried because... i feltso much better that i atleast had friends that would help me. it is good i told saber everything wrong that i did. ever since i came back to at chat i stoped editing my wiki. if realized that this might be a message from god. to go back to my wiki. thank you fpf for being my friend but now i think we will never see eachother again. i don't think i am never getting unblocked. i was hoping the very least was to block me for a few months but now i think its over. i will never forget u. i am crying again... i hope we can meet again one day. for now good bye. M1870 06:22, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

On Wiki Central

I was recently blocked from Adventure Time wiki entirely. This was because I used anathor users account to get on chat when i was banned from it. A few days after i was banned I admited to a Admin (Saber Sworn) about me using that account. I told him i was sorry and would not do anything like that again. He blocked me after that. He set the block forever with my computers IP address in it. My friends are trying to help me with this. Other users on that wiki had Sockpuppets and they were not permanetly blocked like I was and they did not admit they had the sockpuppet like I did. A Admin on that wiki (Flame Prince Finn) thought that what Saber Sworn did was wrong after he did that. Mods are also trying to get the block limited. Even tho this was all done on chat I was blocked from the wiki entirly. I have made good edits to the wiki. My friend asked the founder if he could take my place in the block. I made a great aplogy to the Admin that banned me. I wanted to see what anyone here thought about that. Thank You for your time From M1870 07:33, June 12, 2012 (UTC)

  • [1]Glad to have finally read what happened...

I must admit M1870, that it's a little over the top hon, but you know the rules about sock puppeting at that wiki. It's majorly frowned upon.. I'll see what I can do on my end, but being a chat mod, not sure it will be much.

A perma ban is a little much from the entire wiki, however you've been banned before, so you should know the rules, maybe that's why he was so harsh.... Did you get any warnings about logging off the account? Or maybe an incident report with screen shots? Don't hate Wikia, you sent me goodbye's on 2 Wiki's I wish you would stay, I hope you please stay and when we get this fixed, for a while take it easy and make sure not to break any rules at all.

Much Love from me! 2 days ago by Katari12Reply

    • [2]Don't worry all this might get fixed.

1 day ago by M1870

    • [3]Oh and i admited it to saber. I told him everything and he still banned me.

1 day ago by M1870

  • [4]Well, Marcus, we ban any user we know is using a sock puppet.

If you know other user are and we don't know, how are we supposed to ban them without you telling us about it? 2 days ago by Sparda494Reply

    • [5]Why'd you use another person's account to get on chat?

2 days ago by Sparda494

A Plea

I know I broke the rules. You all might think this is all a act but it is not and you all might think I am only saying this to cover myself. Well I am not. All the contributions I made on Adventure Time wiki are positive. Everything I did bad was only on chat. I know the rules are applied to everyone on the wiki. Adventure Time wiki was the place where I made my first edit, page, blog and more. I don't want that to be taken away. So I'm asking to those who read this. Please don't let me go.