Possible Suicide

July 14, 2012< User blog:AngryGodzillaPie I'm thinking of killing myself,As I'm just a no-good RPer.I'm of no use to anybody here.Simply,should the pistol shoot me,or,go back in the gun drawer? You comment and give an explanation.This is NOT a joke.So,that is all. Category:

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Anonymous User Log in? *[1]Angry, please do not do this. If you do, you will regret it. You are not a nuisance, and you are not just a "speck in the world". You deserve to be on this planet. You are a really cool and smart user, and an awesome roleplayer. Please don't kill yourself at all. We all care about you, and we don't want you to do this. 5 minutes ago by Sboy13Reply

  • [2]I promise you in the name of the lord. You'll regret ending your life. Once its ended you'll go to a place where all you'll see is rising flames, all you taste is the ashes of fallen lives, all you'll smell is the scent of smoke and blood, all you'll hear is the screams of those being tortured and all you'll feel is pain. A pain that will never go away. A pain that will be more unbearable then anything else you felt in your entire life.

Please I beg you. Don't Die. ♦M1870♦ 9 minutes ago by M1870Reply


15 minutes ago by PitsBrother143Reply

  • [4]I'm surprised you're even considering this. I say no, no suicide. It is never the answer. You might be going through something right now, but it will pass. Suicide is a permanent sollution to a temporary problem. If you do it, you're family will mourn your loss, and so will we. You will regret it. Just try not to let these thoughts get you; don't listen to them. Just carry on with life and I know you can prevail. Just don't kill yourself, bro. We don't want anything bad happening to you, no matter what you or anyone else says. I end this long blog post comment with absolutely NO suicide.

16 minutes ago by RackliffelikespurpleReply

  • [5]Angry, don't kill yourself. Please. This situation can be solved, but if you kill yourself, you will get nothing good out of it. Listen, suicide is never the answer. Ever. You are an awesome roleplayer. You are a cool guy. You are not a nuisance, your smart. This situation can be solved. Like Rack said earlier on chat, you are going through a bad time, but it will pass on. Don't do it. Please don't.

19 minutes ago by Finnfionnafan321Reply

    • [6]You are a good person FFF :)

11 minutes ago by Juan Brony Bro

  • [7]Man please, put the gun back in the drawer and burn the drawer. You should not use the pistol on yourself. It will only bring more suffering to you when you go to hell for commiting suicide. Please man, do not do it. I'll say Godzilla is better than King Kong. He is. But please man do not kill yourself. Your family will miss you and so will we. Don't give a crap about what Utter and Rac00n say. (please don't ban me) You choose your decisions in your life, not someone else. So please do not kill yourself, you will bring more suffering than what you think.

19 minutes ago by Juan Brony BroReply

22 minutes ago by Utter solitudeReply

21 minutes ago by Utter solitude

    • [10]Thanks for trying to prevent this :)

13 minutes ago by Juan Brony Bro

  • [11]There's more in life.just Go on with life

23 minutes ago by BensonAtyxyt

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